What is Linear Coating?

Linear Coating is the process in which product is ran across a flat conveyor line and sprayed on the top and two sides. Normally product comes in various lengths with a total amount of lineal feet (ex. 15,000 lineal feet of 1″ X 4″ trim). Currently we spray product as small as 3/4″ X 3/4″ X 3′ and as big as 2″ X 12″ X 20′ with room to grow! These products can have many different profiles, lengths, and procedures that need done to them. Some may need a stain and a clear finish, other may just need a simple white primer for painting later on location depending on what the customer wants. We currently have 6 linear coating lines that are ran on a regular basis and have finished orders that have ranged from a few hundred , up to 360,000 lineal feet. One line, depending on the length of the product can run up to 120 feet per minute. Shorter lengths may run slower than the longer lengths.


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