About Us

Custom Coaters Ltd. has been in the coating business for more than 23 years. We are a local finishing company that works with residential and commercial businesses, aiming to cater to every job. From hand spraying, to line coating. We have the capability to spray high quantity, while also providing first-rate quality. Our Paint lines have the capability to run up to 12 inch wide boards or trim as fast as 120 linear feet per minute. These lines allow us to provide consistent color and quality while requiring less time to complete orders. An added benefit for customers is that it requires less time at a lower cost for a finished product that is ready to be installed on site. This also reduces the time and personnel needed at job sites, making scheduling much easier.

Wood coatings are not the only service we have to offer. Powder coating is available for any of your metal coating needs. We have been certified by Powder X and primarily use Prismatic Powers to provide the best possible product you can buy. From custom jobs to bulk orders, Custom Coaters Ltd. is here to help you with any coating need.

After 20 years of operation, Custom Coaters Ltd. came under new ownership in September of 2018. Looking to expand and grow, father and son, Dana and Chris (Yanni) Yannayon push to continue to excel in providing a personal quality experience for their customers. With over 10 years of experience working for Custom Coaters Ltd., Chris is looking to expand not only in paint spray coatings but also in custom powder coating.